Memorial Day 2007 – Humboldt County

The main theme of this trip was a road sign that we saw everywhere, a commercial we heard on the radio every time we had it turned on, and a commercial we saw on TV in the rare moments we were seated in front of one:


So a semi-planned adventure of sorts began on Friday evening. My friend and I spent about 5 hours getting from the east bay area up to Humboldt county, stopping along the way for food, drink and bathroom breaks. The air was warm in Wilits.

We met up with a friend of my friend on Saturday at Humboldt State. I ate 1/2 a brownie that was the size of my fist, saw a movie that didn't cost an assraping amount of money, and chilled out. Later that evening, I played designated driver and the three of us meandered over to the local college bar hoo-ha. Four odd hours later, both my friend as well as my newly found friend, stumbled out of the bar completely drunk. Good fun.

I spent a few early morning hours crashed out on my friend of a friend's couch before going to pick up my friend from where she had been partying it up with old college buddies. After only 4 hours (roughly) of sleep, I looked like crap.

My friend and I crashed at her friend's place for an additional couple of hours, before hightailing it back to her parents place. Along the way we stopped at McDonalds and I had french fries for the first time in months.

We reached her parents home around noon (more or less), and proceeded to crash out and waste the Sunday sleeping.. until around 4:30. When we woke up and realized how late it was we decided the day was more or less shot to do anything realisticially productive, so we walked down to the river for about 10 minutes, and hopped into the hot tub that her parents had in the backyard (and by backyard I mean, the back of their house which is FOREST). I washed up in the middle of the foresty area and shed a bit of my body insecurities at the same time. It was kind of liberating (if feeling liberated can come in a smaller dose). After the refreshing evening, her parents grilled up burgers, we watched a movie, The Holiday, and I assisted my friend in making the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had.

The next morning, we got up a little before 8am. I got dressed and chatted with my friend's parents while she went for a run. Her mom and I sat out on their deck and watched the hummingbirds feed, up close. I never realized how beautiful they were, bright reds and greens all over. My friend returned and got ready to leave. We left a little after 9:30.

As we were leaving Humboldt I saw cows.. and felt compelled to take a pic of them.

We stopped at the allegedly world famous Confusion Hill, but didn't actually partake in its mystery. We just went to the gift shop and took pics in the parking lot.

Then.. the moment I had been waiting for all weekend… THE DRIVE THROUGH TREE!!!!!!!!!!! We went to the one in Leggot & hung out for about 10 minutes before we drove through it.

From there we stopped in Willits to eat at Taco Bell & that was to be our second to last stop; our last stop being at a gas station in Santa Rosa. From there, it was any other road trip, full of singing along to the radio and cursing the traffic that lay before us.

It felt good to be in nature & I didn't realize how much I really missed getting out of the city grind, until I got back and realized I missed the country more than I thought. Hopefully there will be a lot of camping this summer. I'd like to finally go to Yosemite this summer and hike around a bit. Maybe even see what the big deal with El Capitan is 😉

The summer season has begun and so too has adventure season!

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