Vegas Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 11:45 on Saturday the 24th, so naturally we woke up at a 7:30 – for a domestic flight. God I was a moron. Our flight was delayed an hour and despite the fact that it was a domestic flight we managed to depart out of the international terminal because we were flying on Virgin Airlines and all Virgin flights (domestic and international) depart from the int'l terminal apparently. We learned that after circling twice around the domestic terminal.

(sidenote: Virgin is my new favorite airline and I highly recommend that everyone fly it any time they have the opportunity to.)

Jaime and I landed in Vegas a little after 1pm to overcast skies and clouds that threatened rain. We took a cab to the Stratosphere hotel where we were staying and after tossing our bags into the room we headed for the pool (despite the weather). After freezing our butts off swimming for not even an hour, we headed back to the room to change. We tried to make a plan of attack and knowing me and my instinct to list everything out I was like "we should do this, then this then we can do this because it'll be perfect timing to do this…" Then I started laughing and apologize profusely. Jaime just gave me a wtf look and laughed. We headed downstairs where we got a couple drinks, played a few slot machines (and lost) then had an early dinner at the all you can eat buffet. We stuffed ourselves stupid before taking a short nap and laying around the room til we had to leave for the concert.

When we walked outside to grab a cab, we noticed it had been raining (great – my first trip to Vegas and it rains!) and were hoping that it wouldn't start up again. Fortunately it didn't. We got to Caesar's Palace and got momentarily lost trying to find the room where Cher was performing. We got another drink after we had found our seats.

Cher was a-mazing! I'll admit it, I cried. Not full on teeny-bopper seeing N'Sync for the first time tears, but there were definitely a few that fell. Our seats were fabulous; she was fabulous. She made my night by performing my favorite song of hers, "Walking in Memphis". She ended the show performing "If I Could Turn Back Time" in her infamous leather "V" costume that she originally sang the song in, in her music video.

After the show, I battled middle aged women and their husbands for a spot in line at the Cher store and walked away with a t-shirt and traveling coffee mug.

After spending a million years in line (first at the Cher store then in line at the bathroom where only one stall was working), we hit the strip. We wound up at Treasure Island at Kahungaville where there were ridiculously hot male bartenders that were former chip n' dale strippers. There was one in particular that was so hot I couldn't stop staring the entire time we were there. Jaime got liquor poured down his throat by one of the hot bartenders and a 2 foot tall double margarita before we walked outside to catch the tail end of the pirate show. The pirate show was great. I don't really remember much of it, but I remember thinking it was really awesome. There was a big ball of fire at one point that was so hot we could feel it from the back row where we were standing. However, I was apparently not sober enough to remember that tequila is my enemy, so when Jaime told me to finish off his drink, I did so without hesitation.

We walked back to the hotel and took pictures in the room before we went up to the top to ride the roller coasters. I chickened out and just hung out looking at the view of the city while my roommate rode the drop zone-esque ride a few times.

After that, we walked back down to the casino and had another drink (which neither of us really needed) and grabbed some greasy food from McDonald's before heading to the hotel room and passing out at almost 4am.

The next day I woke up early; partially because my body clock wakes me up no later than 7:30 every day anyway, and partially because I never sleep in after a night of drinking. I tossed and turned trying to force myself to sleep in. At almost 9am I gave up and got up. It was quickly after initially sitting up that I realized that I was still drunk. Fantastic. I laid down and just vegged for a bit.


Jaime woke up soon after and we looked outside – it was sunny out, finally! We headed to the pool for a quick suntan session before the champagne brunch began at 11. After stuffing ourselves again, and drinking strong mimosas in dixie cups, he went back to the pool and I packed & showered before joining him.

We grabbed coffee just before checking out (Starbucks in Vegas is ridiculously expensive, FYI). We were able to make an earlier flight than we had originally planned on and were back in the city by 5.


Overall, it was a great trip. Vegas can definitely be done in under a full weekend with maximum fun-ness.

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