Every 6 weeks seems like a good update time, yea?

  • I’ve gotten 6 out of 8 of my shots
  • I have my plane ticket reserved (pending a call from STA travel to confirm since I’ve now had 3 tickets reserved and have purchased none)
  • I have my itinerary:
    • Dec 17th: depart USA (arrive in Colombo on Dec 19th)
    • Dec 20 – Feb 19: Teaching in Sri Lanka
    • Feb 20: Depart Colombo, Sri Lanka
    • Feb 20: Arrive in Delhi
    • Feb 20: Mar 6: India
    • Mar 7: Depart Goa, India
    • Mar 8: Arrive in St. Petersburg, Russia
    • Mar 8 – Mar 28: St. Petersburg, through the Siberian Plains to Beijing
    • Mar 29: Depart Beijing
    • Mar 29: Arrive in Sydney
    • Mar 29 – Apr 5: Australia
    • Apr 5: Depart Sydney
    • Apr 7: Arrive back in SF

The last leg of the trip from Beijing to Australia is still up in the air. I really want to visit my current roommate who will be doing a working holiday program there, but it adds almost 1k to my flight for just that leg.

Also, the Russia trip may be condensed to a 17 day rather than a 3 week trip due to money (it’s almost double the price for an extra 4 days). If that’s the case I’d extend my time in India by a few days and plan to be in St. Petersburg by Mar 10. We shall see.

Current song addiction:

(ignore the video itself, it’s not the band… it’s a remake… of a video, or something.

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