Trip 1 – ohio revisited

You know how you have that friend, or maybe multiple friends that you’ve known since before you were you? The friends who knew you, maybe who even met you, when you were going through awkward teen years. Trying to figure out who you were, what you wanted, and got into riffraff with you on the regular? The ones that you may only see sporatically, if at all anymore, but ones you know will be friends for life because of all the shit you went through together?

And when you see them (if you’re fortunate enough to), it’s like time hasn’t passed. You revert back to your teenage selves and goof off and have fun and nothing else matters on those days except for what’s going on in the moment?

I had 5 days of those this past week while visiting with a friend I’ve known nearly 10 years. It was a great break from the routine I usually go through. It was fun and I can’t remember the last time I laughed that much, that many days in a row; which may speak moreso at the serious fuddy-duddy I’ve become, rather than my inability to laugh like that in my real world.

Because none of my trips to Ohio feel like the real world. They’re snippets, mini vacations that are completely exclusive of my reality. It’s a little bubble or blip in time in which nothing changes because of it. It should be documented as a space/time continum because it’s true. Nothing in the bubble of however long I’m in Ohio, changes how my everyday life in California is.

And this trip was no different.

I was able to pull myself out of my routine life here, and just have fun. Laugh, and sing and roll my eyes as freely as I wanted while shuffling between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

There’s a lot that could be said, but I’ll leave it at that because despite the blips this was a great trip and a great way to say goodbye to a good friend before I leave for the soulseeking, life changing experience I’ve always wanted. And maybe, if/when I go back to Ohio after the travels, I’ll be able to still come back and be that 16 year old girl who giggled at smiles and loved getting lost.

some sort of monkey?

some sort of monkey?

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