37 days from now…



I’ll be spending the night, not in my own apartment.

Probably freaking out.

And… trying to realize that, holy crap… I’m doing this.

37 nights from now, will be my last night in the USA until mid April.

It’s the trip I’ve been planning nearly a year. The experience I’ve been craving since I can remember.

In telling friends and family, most have been overwhelmingly supportive. They know how much I want this and how I’m at the point in my life where I just need to do this for myself.

Though, I would not be me – the inner eternal pessismist, if I didn’t say that I wished some had been a bit more open to my choice to do this. True, it hasn’t been easy for some of my family to deal with me being gone so far away, for so long – but they’ve grown to accept it and trust that I know what I’m doing.

A secret? I have no f-ing clue what I’m doing.

I’m living. I’m looking to finally come out of my shell and no better way than to throw me in a country where I know no one, don’t speak the language and will be living with a family for 2 months, right? Right.

Agree with me here.

Followed by 2 months of travel. Two months roaming India, and southeast Asia.

Deep breath. Breathe. This is good.

This is me rambling it out. But it will be good. I know it will be. There is nothing better than learning and growing through experiences, especially those completely out of your element.


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