Venting about pre-departure issues

it could be that my departure is only 2 days away but the nerves are building to epic porportions.

or it could be that in the last 7 days stuff about my trip has started to go wrong.

at least im still in the usa to deal with it. (this would be the silver lining)

first, there’s the lapse in my insurance from the first to the tenth, which apparently erased my prior medication authorization.

so i applied for cobra for 1 month. in the state of california, this cost $500 (per month).

i paid $500, which was a QUARTER of my budget for the entire trip to get insurance, to reapply for the authorization.

which, on Friday i was denied. so i essentially spent $500 for nothing.

which means, i will be roaming around being forced to be outgoing and out of my shell with NONE OF MY COPING MECHANISMS readily available. This will prove interesting (to say the least)

then over the weekend i had a bad reaction to my last vaccine and wound up vomiting in my bathtub while my bowels had their own little party for a day and a half. today was the first day i was able to eat more than toast without getting violently ill.

then, tonight, i called to confirm my late check out from the hotel in thailand before i leave for sri lanka and i found out it’s an extra 50 usd, and the “free” part of it means i wing it and hope they let me check out late. which, when called to confirm if they would, they declined.

then… then… well that’s all for now. but im sure more will come up within the next 48 hours because that’s kinda how everything has been rolling.

this is not helping to at all quell my anxiety.

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