arrival into bangkok

Rooster hanging out at NRT (Tokyo Int’l) while we waited for our connection to Bangkok.

NRT, lookin out the window. It was about 4:30-5pmish

My flight!

It was a very full flight… the line stretched alllllll the way back behind the guy with the backpack.

It was dark when we boarded.

My hotel room in Bangkok:

This is the door.  To the right, the kitchenette which is ADORABLE, that’s right I said a kitchen was ADORABLE. To the leftof the main door (center) is the door to the bathroom.

The bathroom. TO the left the glass door leading to a HUGE shower. Like really, probably the size of my entire bathroom back home. To the left, a sink, a toliet and naturally… what every bathroom needs, a phone.

The main room. To the left of the couch is a sliver of a chair which is facing a computer desk. The stuff with all my crap on it, is the bed – two twins put together to make a king 🙂

tomorrow, or rather, later today since it’s a quarter to 4am… I leave for Colombo.


my departing flight details from Tokyo-NRT, with Japanese Characters displaying the city name 🙂

bottled water in thailand.. random.

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