everyday is a winding road

so, so much has happeneded. I’ve done a lot, seen a lot and felt a lot.

At the end of every year I contemplate the one thing that would have made the prior year that much better and for the last several the answer has been:

A tall, skinny british guy.

Because really? We all know that’s the type of man I was meant to fall in love and marry. Haha.

Well last week I met HIM. Well maybe not in the context of the man I’m supposed to marry and fall in love with,  but certainly the most attractive, personable, man I’ve ever met and he just happens to be tall, really skinny and british.

so maybe i wasn’t meant to marry and fall in love with him. maybe he was just meant to be part of my Karass, as Vonnegut puts it best.

and he definitely helped me to fufill something important.

he approved my proposal to upgrade the IT Centre to broadband (high speed Internet)

i finally feel like I can go onward in 3.5 weeks and feel like I gave something. So many volunteers here leave unfufilled, like they wasted time.

But I feel like I did. Even if the students don’t realize it.

Aside from that I overcame my fear of the ocean (the Indian one at least) and went in to where I couldn’t touch the ground this weekend in Unawatuna – WHICH I highly recommend going to. It’s chill, it’s relaxing and all we did was lay in the sun, play on the beach and eat seafood.

oh and dance. boy was there dancing.

I know I keep telling people I’ll have pictures up soon and I will, just this connection is shoddy and not all the pics are uploaded.

so I’ll wait.

We wait for tomorrow there is a wedding!

Oh and here’s something for you to contemplate and certainly something I will think about as I depart for Dehli on the 21st of February:

“Yet people come in ever increasing numbers to India to be born again with the conviction that in their rebirth they will relearn to live.” – from Karma Cola

How much of my trip has been me wanting to escape my reality vs. just trying to escape me?

The jury’s still out…

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