A quick text entry completely unrelated to the photo post

The IT Centre has been going really well. We’ve had 4 new volunteers at the Centre in just the last week!

I’m down to my last 2 weeks here and I only have 1 full weekend left.


It had gone by MUCH faster than I thought it would and so much has happened in just these 2 months. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about this amazing culture and about the strength of the people around me.

No, this will not be an Oprah episode via blog, but it had to be said.

Out of it I’ve received not only those emotional self aware sentiments but invitations to Australia (which I will hopefully take up in the autumn) and an invitation to Denmark (which, finances permitting will DEFINITELY happen this summer.

I’ve extended invitations to a few to visit San Francisco, and found a part of mysel (a more extroverted side, though only mildly so) in being thrown in this environment.)

I will say there are definitely parts of me that haven’t changed.

I still am obsessed with listmaking

And the Internet.

I’m not sure how the next 2 weeks will go because the IT Centre really is FULL of volunteers. I may see if I can take a few days off an just spend in relaxation at the sea, enjoying the Indian Ocean from Sri Lanka for the last time on this journey.

Or I may just clamor in with the other 4 volunteers and attempt to teach a kid or two some Excel before I leave.

Who knows?

But I’m open, more open than I would have been on December 15th.

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