thanks everyone for birthday wishes

i’ve been battling a cold that today, the day after my birthday, turned into something that feels like the flu or laringitis.

it doesn’t help that it’s 93 out and with humidity feels like 98. or that I decided it would be FIIIIINE to play drinking games for 3 hours on the overnight train to celebrate my birthday.

I hate being sick when away; even more when we’re on the move every day and I have run out of meds from the USA.

bleh, okay enough complaining, I’m gonna see how hard it’d be to find a doc on a sunday in rural vietnam.

UPDATE: apparently one doesn’t need to go to the doctor here. all i had to do was go to the pharmacist, tell her what was wrong and ask for antibiotics and POOF, spread out before me were options. I had to pick 1 for my cold/flu (which wound up doing NOTHING to help) and she gave me some throat stuff for my sore throat which helped immensly.

if i don’t feel better tomorrow the tour guide and i are gonna go to a real doc and see wtf is up.

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