It’s amazing what finding your purpose can bring.
It can give you the push you need to finally accomplish those things that have nagged you for years, hell, over a decade.
It can make you reexamine everything.
It can provide you with that sense of fufillment in a way nothing else ever has. It makes you feel as if no matter the depressions or anxieties that may arise in life, you were meant to be in every moment and every one that comes along.
I’ve found my passion, finally.
After tripping, falling, and costumed paths that vowed a sense of purpose – I’ve found it.
And even if this first taste of it ends tomorrow or Friday, or next week… I know this is what I was meant to do. Meant to be.
So if I fail, if I don’t move forward now… I have at least a sense of optimism that I’ve never had before.

And I know that one day, someday I will succeed.
Because this is it. This is what I was meant to become.


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