It’s the New Year

So it’s the New Year. Happy 2011!

I wish I had amazingly exciting things to report of how 2010 ended or 2011 has begun, but I really can’t. Life is trucking along. I’ve been playing around with the next trip idea of South America/Antarctica or the Russia/Mongolia/China trip and after heavily weighing them…

Neither is going to happen this year. But! But! What about the periodically awesome tales of travel??

Nuh-uh. Not happening. Not this year. And probably not for the next 3 (at least!)

Again, why not?

Simple: Graduate School. After some back and forth (do we see a pattern?) I narrowed down my program based on options that would be opened up to me once I completed it, as well as my specific interest (which was vast) and my desire to soak up the knowledge (also incalculable). Finally I factored in even more logical things, e.g: my GPA, average GRE scores, tuition cost vs. chance of getting an assistance-ship/fellowship/TA position, housing… etc. And so from a hundred bagillion schools (or at least that’s what it felt like), I finally have my top 10 schools and programs.

I’ve gone to visit a few of these schools, some with formal meetings others with a less formal tone, but each has something that draws me near. There’s three programs in particular that have me giddy with excitement over how much further I could take my dream of really making a difference and helping developing countries to establish technology in educational institutions.

The possibilities make me miss Sri Lanka and that much more thankful for my academic background in IT.

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