Regression Analysis and MS Paint

I had really planned on today being full of productivity. I made a list, checked it twice. This morning I started out as the Santa of weekend efficiency.

And then I actually got to the library, opened my textbook and all of the can-do attitude went pbbbbbbbbt.

So allow me to share my unproductive, productivity. Rather than working diligently on my Applied Regressional Modeling class I instead, over the past hour and a half have cut, copied and pasted my way into a fantastic depiction of what led to the pbbbbbbbbbbbt.

First I opened my textbook and with an eagerness one could only compare to a ostrich running from a predator. Then I perused what had to be done. I froze, seeing a familiar formula I had used selective memory to temporarily forget in detail. See below (cue me showing off my cut/copy/paste skills using MS Paint):

My reaction was a 2 step process.


SSE = crap a bunch of algebra… i thought i was done with effing slopes.. why does Y have a hat? eff Y hat. don’t mock me with the peter pan cap you’re wearing you slope.. what the hell b sub zero isn’t that like… the temperature in antartica? when did this turn into a geography problem?


the second part of my reaction was my attempt at a translation of the problem:

SSE = haha you thought you’d be done in a few hours and be able to enjoy the sunny warm saturday afternoon = you don’t really anything better to do, do you? – math hates you – oh and this is only part 1 of a 3 step process you have to figure out

So here I sit, 2 hours later… no closer to getting the problem done, but feeling satisfied in my command of MS Paint and the power of cut/copy/paste.

University degree hard at work my friends. Hard. At. Work.



*for the record SSE is the error sum of squares and is how you factor in anomaly errors when running a test, in case you were concerned i really did think it had to do with antartica.

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