Ode to list making (and more specifically Post-Its)

I like lists. I make them for and about everything. Need help naming a cat? LIST! Want to streamline your day off for maximum efficiency Double Drafted List (which is denoted by the cute and accurate acronym of DDL): first including what all needs to get done and where, then broken down by time frame, eta from point a to point b and manufactured into a streamline of post It productivity.

Which brings me to my next topic. Posit Its. How I love thee. I love them SO much in fact, that the flimsy little sticky note pads were given to me as a “care package” from a friend and made it to my final list of “must haves” when I went on my trip to South Asia. Not only that but it was something I actively sought out to replace while there.

Post Its make my life. They are convenient, multi-colored (which helps when color coordinating projects/ideas!) and guaranteed to put a smile on my face when I find a new color or shape (said friend that gave them to me also introduced me to the Post-It stars (pictured below):

*image from the Post It website: www.post-it.com

I have yet to find a use for the butterfly post its (which I’ve seen), the heart ones look deformed to me, and I’ve yet to find the apple ones but they’d be SO useful with school related DDLs!

I digress.

One of the ways that Post-It’s have increased their importance in my life is having the Super Sticky option. All too often in the past a note has been lost simply by falling off somewhere or I’ve had to tape it down to ensure it stays secure (which completely defeats the purpose of having a a post it, in the first place). But 3M has done a WONDERFULLY AWESOME job with the Super Sticky notes.

So thank you Post-It (and generic counterparts) for making great little pieces of sticky paper that make my daily life flow much more easily.

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