Weather and Waiting

My city has generally great weather for hanging outside. In the 60s, kinda cloudy, pack a sweater but not a parka, and maybe a scarf too if you’re going out at night where it’ll drop into the 50s.

Jealous yet?

Well today, is my karma for that jealousy.

Today is one of the rare truly perfect days. It’s the third day in a row of perfect days in fact. It has been sunny, in the low to mid 70s dry heat.

And where am I?


Now you may ask, “Klykii why are you wasting such amazing weather typing from the inside of your house about the amazing-ness of the outside world rather than enjoying it?”

And my response would be this: I’m waiting for an effing package from a major courier service that doesn’t even bother to give a window of time. I even called this morning, knowing it was scheduled for delivery today to see if they could give me some kind of timeframe. The conversation went a little something like this (creative liberties fully used):


Operator: Thank you for calling Suck It Couriers, this is Godzilla how may I be of little use to you today?

Me: Hello Godzilla, good morning! I was wondering if it was possible to get an estimate on when I could expect the package to arrive today?

Operator: No, I’m afraid not.

Me: Even a four hour window would be great (I was using my begging tone at this point, bad move on my part so early on I realize in hindsight)

Operator: No. Our delivery guys pick their route and may deliver the package any time within business hours of ass-crack of dawn until way past 5pm closing time.

Me: But you just said business hours

Operator: Yes, our business hours

Me: So if I miss it, I can pick it up after 5pm at one of your service centers?

Operator: Let me check your nearest center, can I have your tracking number

Me: Sure it’s 12345hell

Operator: Thank you. (pause) And no, your service center is only open until 5pm.

Me: But I thought your business hours were until 8pm?

Operator: Only in some locations

Me: So you can deliver to my location until 8, but I can only pick it up before 5?

Operator: Yes ma’am

Me: Oh, okay (totally defeated, I don’t know how else to respond to such idiocy)

Operator: Thank you for calling Suck It Courier, I hope I was able to make your day start off completely shitty (hangs up before I can respond)

I hung up, completely distraught over having a 12 hour window inwhich to wait. What if I waited all day and they didn’t come until the 11th hour (nearly literally)? What if I chanced it, went out and came back to a sticky note, only to have to somehow get out to their pick up facility in the middle of nowhere (by car is currently not an option)?

What then? WHAT THEN?

And so, I chose the former because I really have no desire to spend hours trying to figure out how to get to the facility in BFE (which would probably consist of a bus, followed by a train, followed by another bus, then walking miles upon miles, followed by a similar reverse route only with a ginormous package).

So here I sit, left to stare out at the awesome warmth and sun, torturing myself further by refreshing weather updates only to see some version of this:

This has left me pouting like a 3 year old and staring out my window doe eyed, waiting expectantly for the delivery truck to arrive so I may run out and frolick…

Here’s to hoping either the 70s last beyond the delivery deadline OR it arrives before the temp drops! Fingers, toes and intestines crossed!

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