Insomnia is great when you’re productive otherwise it’s just dead weight

My grade from regression analysis came back: solid B. Pretty darn tootin’ proud of myself on that one.

But enough patting myself on the back. It was a great class; I learned a TON, and I was able to do a paper that is relevant to my grad school focus.

And so the grad school obsession begins again. I’ve finalized 8 schools I’m applying to, I take the official GREs in early-mid July (no more of the practice test BS) and I’m wrapping up a nth draft of my statement of purpose for my top choice school.

Which is a perfect segue into the reason for this post to begin with – my fangirl emotions over Top Choice School (TCS from here on out). TCS is everything; they have grad student housing, a relatively affordable tuition for out of state students (like me!), assistantships for Master’s students and not just Ph.d’s…  but what really makes me weep like a 12 year old seeing Justin Bieber is their research.

A few of the professors in the department I’m applying to are working on a project that I would give a kidney, lung and up to 3/4ths of my liver to be a part of. I would quit drinking alcohol and coffee, forgo sleep and any semblance of a social life to have a hand in assisting on this thing. Every time I go to TCS’s website I inevitably find myself going to the page where the project is described and literally tearing up at the mere possibility of being able to be a part of it.

I wasn’t kidding about being a fangirl for this school and study.

After a quick conversation, I decided it’s imperative that I visit this school and do my best to schedule meetings with at least one of the professors working on the research. I want to pick his brain and ask the zillion questions I have about it; I want to tell him about how I could be a totally awesome grad student and an even better assistant to the process.

It really is ridiculous how badly I want to attend this university.

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