Mid summer day’s post

I realized a month and some odd day’s later, that my last post while trying to be witty and entertaining was neither. I contemplated deleting it but decided against it (for now). Who knows what the future holds for it though!

Again, my wit has failed me on the interwebs, I feel.

I’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated. And I know feelings have no place in this blog but I feel it’s important to address it in this post because a point is to be made. The point being I’m all over the effing place. My mind is going haywire (which is a really funny joke if you’re in my inner cluster – also a funny joke, wow I’m rolling them out),  and I’m like a chihuahua with ADD.

So, I’ve decided to make some goals to get me through the chasing-my-tail feeling. The deadline for these goals will be September 22nd, the last day of summer (since September 23rd is the first day of Fall according to both www.almanac.com and www.timeanddate.com).

Towards Minimalism Goals:

– Get through all of the boxes in the walk in closet

– Go through all clothes and get rid of at least 2-3 more garbage bags full (the garbage bags I have now are the smaller 38 gallon ones, not the massive ones that can fit a Christmas tree)

– Use minimalism blogs as guides and pick out methods that would work best – make notes and begin to put into practice at least 5

Toward Graduate School Goals:

– Follow up with adviser regarding outstanding questions regarding LoRs

– Proceed as recommended regarding above response

– Draft SOP for at least 3/5 schools and bring to adviser for review

Towards Reigniting Creativity Goals:

– Attempt to use the slow cooker at least 2-3 more times, if still completely unsuccessful donate to Goodwill

– Stream of consciousness using software for at least 4 book ideas instead of using random effing post it notes and messing up the apartment with scattered neon stickies

– Finish scrapbook on trip to DC. Figure out what to do about transitioning photo album for big Asia/teaching trip into scrapbook

– Add cooking photos/tags to blog. Start posting regularly about it. Because it’s awesome

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