A book!

So in the spirit of NaNoWriMo coming up in November, my mania of adding things to my to-do list for the summer, and my brain failing (I do love hyperbole) I have decided to add 1 more tiny thing to do by the end of summer which for the purpose of my blog (and the solstice) has been deemed September 22, 2011.

Write a Book

That’s right. I’m finally gonna do it. I’m gonna break through the barrier of my 30 page (max) wall I have seemed to face and bite the bullet. I don’t promise greatness. I actually don’t promise anything positive, but I do promise a book will be done – at least in draft form. I have 2 friends, one a screenwriter who has offered to review it periodically and also upon completion and another a grammar nazi who will review it.

Do I have characters? Nope.

Do I have a setting? Nuh-uh.

Do I have a plot? Ehh… not really.

How about an idea? Sure, a couple I’m bouncing around.

But the point is I will. I will have all of the above. And it will all be funneled and thought out (though well thought out is anyone’s guess).

The point is I want to write a book. It’s on my list to do, and I have the time to do it and people I trust to give valuable feedback. Plus, if it sucks I can blame the brain spots (like I do everything else).

See, I’m learning it’s not about being a good writer but have a great scapegoat if you’re a shitty one. And who’s gonna argue with brain spots?


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