Update on end of summer goals

One month in and here’s a progress report!

Towards Minimalism Goals:

– Get through all of the boxes in the walk in closet

Update: Well, I did an inventory of all the containers in the closet totaling 2 luggage items: 1, 4 piece luggage set and my backpacker’s pack; 4 cardboard boxes of various sizes 12 rubbermaid bins of various sizes, and 2 milk crates. I got through 3 of the biggest rubbermaid bins and the 2 milk crates. Still a long way to go though.

– Go through all clothes and get rid of at least 2-3 more garbage bags full (the garbage bags I have now are the smaller 38 gallon ones, not the massive ones that can fit a Christmas tree)
Update: I got rid of 1 full bag and then another but it was only about 3/4ths full. But I did get rid of a grocery (paper) bag full of shoes (6 pairs) so I’m counting that as 2 full bags. Only one 1 go!

– Use minimalism blogs as guides and pick out methods that would work best – make notes and begin to put into practice at least 5.
Update: I’ve searched the interwebs hard and I’ve found 4 things I’d like to do. Some aren’t going to be regular things, but I like the ideas. Here are the 4 I’ve found so far:
1) be able to fit everything i own (non furniture/food/produce related) into my car
2) get rid of 1 thing I own every day for 30 days (month of August)
3) implemented new thing: taking a photo of things that I have no use for (stupid childhood sports medals etc.) but want to remember/have a memory of having and put in scrapbook
4) implement usage of really useful storage system
The 5th is TBD

Toward Graduate School Goals:

-Follow up with adviser regarding outstanding questions regarding LoRs DONE!

Proceed as recommended regarding above response DONE!

– Draft SOP for at least 3/5 schools and bring to adviser for review
Update: Drafted 1/5 and brought to adviser for review. It was painful, especially since she had an orange pen for her critique. Worse than blue or black, but not as bad as red ink. Working on the update for the 1st before bringing in the other 2. Also need to add 1 more to the list since I’ll be applying to 6 in total now. So I want to have drafts for half of the schools done and reviewed by the end of summer.

Towards Reigniting Creativity Goals:

– Attempt to use the slow cooker at least 2-3 more times, if still completely unsuccessful donate to Goodwill
Update: As you’ve seen in a previous post, I was successful in the chili recipe. I also redid the chili recipe only modifying it slightly by adding a small can of tomato sauce, 1lb more beef (and leaner 93/7), as well as more chili powder (instead of 1/4th teaspoon, added 1/8th cup). Turned out even better! Still counting as only 1 time though. 1-2 more recipes to go!

– Stream of consciousness using software for at least 4 book ideas instead of using random effing post it notes and messing up the apartment with scattered neon stickies
Update: Haven’t used a single post it note! I downloaded a program called Dark Room which blacks out your screen so all you have is space to write. It’s kinda like how old school word processing software used to be. So far it’s just been freewriting, but I’ve gotten down a lot of stuff down. And a couple that I’ve gone back to. No real progress aside from not using post its though.

– Finish scrapbook on trip to DC. Figure out what to do about transitioning photo album for big Asia/teaching trip into scrapbook
Update: Scrapbook to DC will be done by tonight. I’m waiting on the last page to dry so I can work on the back of it and have it be done. I have an idea on what to do about turning the photo album for the big Asia/teaching trip into a scrapbook but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m going to once the DC scrapbook is officially done.

– Add cooking photos/tags to blog. Start posting regularly about it. Because it’s awesome
Update: I was going through the photos I had of the cooking photos I took in June and I realized I pretty much just went through a frittata phase. So I may just do a huge photo dump of 2 pics per various attempt, but we’ll see. They’re pretty boring so I may scrap the idea of back dating them.

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