So yesterday I had every intention of being a rockstar today. I’d get up, go for my run/jog/walk/crawl and then be the epitome of productivity by racing around getting errands completed.

That was yesterday.

This morning I woke up after getting less than 6 hours of sleep, texted a friend, then managed to sleep in until almost 10. My day did not start as planned. Then, in an attempt to maximize time and be as efficient as I could, I argued with myself over if I should run errands first or work out.

That lasted until noon, when I decided to forgot running and just get tasks done.

I walked down, eager to get something into my system (read: caffeine) when I started feeling guilty. Wasn’t this how every exercise effort ended for me? I’d get amped up, do something impulsive (like sign up for a 5k) only to give up when one itsy bitsy thing went wrong.

No, today I would not let me sleeping in til a double digit hour be an obstacle. So, with an empty stomach, and already feeling dehydrated, I hopped on the bus for the gym.

The treadmill made me her bitch today. By the time the first 5 minutes were done it was obvious that I wasn’t going to meet my distance goal. So, instead of just hopping off the damn thing and saying ‘screw it at least I tried!’ I decided I would go for speed over distance and ran for about 25 minutes.

I didn’t set a new personal record for a mile; however thanks to how Nike+’s website is being revised, I was able to see that I hit a solid patch where I was averaging 10’36 a mile which was awesome.

See today’s details below.

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