Run Die Walk Run Die Walk

And so it goes.

The Nike+ website had been hyping up the “big changes” coming to the website for what felt like all of May and recommended that everyone complete their personal goals by May 31.

I assumed this meant the website would roll out on June 1.

Of course, me being a lazy ass, I hadn’t run since May 28 so when I got an e-mail from Nike saying the site was going to be down on the 5th of June, I expected from the 1st to the 4th it had been the same as always.

And when I saw the updated site for the first time around the 8th the first word that came to mind was sleek. I don’t mean that in a good way or bad; I just means it looks a lot more… shiny.

Of course not even logging in a week ago propelled me to actually work out. Psh that would make too much sense.

But, I did go today and I’m proud of myself especially since there were numerous excuses I could have used:

  • It’s too hot out (it’s in the 85-90F range and everyone knows I don’t do well above 72)
  • I only got 5 hours of sleep last night
  • The gym I knew would be the least busy is smack dab in the middle of tourist central. Me = not a happy camper
  • Said gym, does not have A/C and the treadmills they have are outdated compared to the ones at other locations in the city. As in, their built in fans work for about a minute before stopping at random and not starting again at any point during the workout

But I went even though it wasn’t pretty. And I ran for 3 periods during the 20 minute workout at under an 11:30 per mile pace which may seem turtle slow but I’ve NEVER done it before. I’ve had a total of 5 workouts where at some point I ran at under 12:00 per mile (today included).

So horray for progress!

Anyway, here’s today snapshot in all it’s newly formatted gloryImage

*Note I’m not sure what the incentive of “NikeFuel” is and frankly I’m not too concerned with what it’s about so I won’t be likely to ever talk about it

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