Starbucks and the popular soy vs. “real” milk debate

I found a new blog to follow based on his response to my running posts. If you’re interested at all in health/fitness definitely check him out at L-Jay Health.

He did a post waaay back in December about one of my favorite things: Starbucks. He talked about the healthy way to do it and while I agree that sure a grande is better than a venti; I prefer my 2% milk over soy simply because it has more protein (2 grams more) and far less carbs (approximately 5 grams less). While iced soy lattes are nice; the benefit of more protein and less carbs outweighs my desire for them – about 75% of the time. Because really, sometimes you just need an iced soy latte.

My other difference in opinion is size. As someone who is a breakfast person in-so-far-as I have a latte and no food, I don’t feel guilty getting the venti and often wind up nursing it through the morning, only to finish just as lunchtime approaches. Again, the calorie difference between a venti iced latte (180 cals with 2% milk) vs. a grande iced latte (130 cals also with 2% milk) is negligible when you consider that is all I have for breakfast. It’s not followed by a 400 calorie slice of one of their loaves of tasty goodness (seriously why can’t they make a low cal banana nut bread?)

I digress.

So while I know how important moderation is and that there is the constant battle of soy vs. “real” milk, ultimately I’ll pick a 2% iced latte over soy. But when I get iced soy lattes I always get grandes, primarily because the soy fills me up so much that I wind up drinking only half the venti anyway and with the calorie content stays the same compared to it’s 2% milk rival, the 5 carb difference does make a difference in my life.

So what’s my final choice? My end all be all Starbucks beverage? The answer really depends on my mood.

But the best bet is the 2% venti. Nothing like a beverage that lasts from 7:30am til noon for 180 calories.

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