I have arrived in the UK!

I have arrived. It’s been awesome, a bit overwhelming insofar as getting a feel for the campus and town, but I’ve made a few friends.

And it wouldn’t be another trip abroad without a fun arrival story, now would it?

So! I flew into Heathrow, arriving about 40 minutes early (horray!) so I was able to get the last spot on the 10am coach to campus, instead of the 2pm one – awesome, right? So we stop at a rest stop, and let me tell you the ones out here have SO MUCH to teach the ones in California. They had clean bathrooms, no puddles of water on the floor or a billion flies. They even had not one, but TWO Starbucks’.

Then the bus broke down as the driver tried to restart it.

Four hours and significantly exhausted later, we finally got on a new bus and made it the 2 hours that remained, to campus. We checked in, and were comped a meal from the dining hall for all the trouble. But it wasn’t that bad, aside from it being four hours. I mean, I made a couple friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

It turned out I’m in the same dorm and floor as two of the girls on the bus. One of them did a year here as an undergrad so she has friends here already, and knows the town super well.

Induction for the International Development (aka DEV) program yesterday and that went alright. I felt like an awkward idiot giving my bio when I met my department later that day, but I’m a terrible public speaker so I’m hoping to really grow in that area this year.

Today (yes, a Saturday) were more international student seminars, but they ended a little before 3. After that the two flatmates I’ve become friends with, myself and one other guy went into town for some shopping. I picked up a few more school supplies (notebooks and folders) and all of us had grocery shopping to do.

Picture time!

My Dorm Building:


Shopping receipt! All this for a little less than 30 USD! That’s right – LIME CURD! 🙂


Part of what’s in my department welcome binder (cue excitement here):


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