Nothing to really report, but felt inclined to update

I feel like I should be posting more. Updating everyone on what’s going on, but really there isn’t much to write about. I’ve made some friends, I’m taking classes, I’m trying to find jobs/volunteer/intern opportunities that align with what I’m studying. But it’s not glamorous, it’s not this end all be all trip.

It’s not a trip, it’s school. 

Here, when you enroll, you pick all your classes for the year if you’re full time (part time is different, I think). It’s good because you know exactly what the plan is for the year, and so it complements my inner-planner. But it’s definitely odd getting the hang of it within a couple weeks and making sure nothing overlaps.

My schedule is good though, and I think I’ve planned out my year fairly well.


  • Introduction to Education for Development
  • Development Perspectives
  • Methodologies for Education Research and Evaluation


  • Educational Policy & Practice for Development
  • Contemporary World Development
  • Conflict, Peace and Security

Also, in April / May I’ll have my examinations for my (2) mandatory courses and theoretically I’ll be writing my masters dissertation from April / May until August.

In the back of my head I’m contemplating retaking the GREs and applying to Ph.D programs for next year, but we’ll see. It’s still kind of early. Sort of – most programs have a deadline of December 1.


Some things will never change, haha.


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One thought on “Nothing to really report, but felt inclined to update

  1. richard

    I am glad you are getting settled into your digs. It sounds like you have your hands full and you are still going to look for work too. Cool picture of the ginger beer. I hope you make a lot of friends while you are there. Your desk did not look that bad, well so far anyways. Are you sharing a room with someone? Is it a close international group? Well I will look for updates when you have a chance. Like you say from time to time…no worries.
    love you

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