Breakdown of the last week… month

I’m off to go work on some things since there’s a bit due within the next week/ week and a half including a non-assessed report, an essay, an article review, and an outline/rough draft of a research proposal that’s final draft is 100% of my grade.

Things are going alright. Last week there was a lot of baking going on: two days of back to back cooking with friends, which was awesome! I’ve been trying out new recipes and even made myself some dairy free chicken tikka masala.

This weekend is going to be jam packed with work though. Finishing up two assignments, working on a third. So far I’ve learned a lot and it’s only been a month!

For example, in academic writing here, contractions shouldn’t be used. Did you know that? I did not!

I’m slowly getting more comfortable in the social aspect. While I may be good at handling change, adjusting to new environments from a social aspect has always been a challenge. But I’ve met some great people and made some really good friends thus far. Now when it comes to speaking with peers about school related topics and in class… I’m still not 100% comfortable. But I think that has more to do with my own feelings of inferiority, since I didn’t come from a well known school, and all my experience is either volunteer or professional – no academic experience in this field whatsoever. However, like I said, it’s slowly but surely getting easier.

I’ve started making this room my own. I had pictures printed, my desk is a mess (much like at home), and I bought a cute duvet set (Sharks colors, whaaaaaaa?! – okay that comes off a lot funnier in person)

At the end of the day, one month in, the semester almost half gone; tomorrow is week 5 of 10, can you believe it?!

And that is all.

Now off to do that research.

(pictures of baking below)



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One thought on “Breakdown of the last week… month

  1. I want to steal those cookies! Mmmh.

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