Socializing and other things I’m terrible at

(sorry for the vent session but I had to get this one)

I have never been an extrovert. I have never been a good public speaker, good in groups of people. I’m not good at having my own voice. I’m not good at holding conversations when I feel inferior to the person, and I absolutely feed inadequate when speaking with professors. 

Especially here. Especially now.

I’m not entirely sure how I got into grad school right now. I just feel really out of place. And not just that, but completely inadequate. I feel like every professor thinks i’m an idiot. I feel like I’m constantly fighting to not come off as an idiot. Everyone I know has found someone in the department to click with and I’m just here.

The socially disabled girl, hoping she’s not making a complete ass of herself.

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One thought on “Socializing and other things I’m terrible at

  1. richard

    Well, we all know you are not an idiot. You worked really hard to get where you are right now. You earned this opportunity on your own merits. Be confident in your skills, your professors I am sure are not trying to make you feel inferior, they just expect more from students at this level of education. I believe this level of education will require more thinking and reasoning than you have ever come across. Remember we will never be smarter than our instructors, at least that is what they will lead you to believe. 🙂 We know you will be successful, you have demonstrated that throughout your path to higher education. Stay strong and hang in there. You are going to do something really special, this I am sure of. Remember it is always the last key you try that opens the lock. Your key is coming. Hey why don’t you call collect this Christmas.

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