Spring has sprung – or at least snowed!


Snow falling outside my dorm.


Part 2 – of awesomeness!


A view of part of the campus a few days later


Just outside my building (the library is to the right)


Back stairs up to the library. This was fun to walk up, ha. (True though, waaaaay better than when it started to melt and was just icy)

Other than that it’s business as usual. Winter break felt too short as it always does. Classes have started. I got 2 out of 3 of my grades back. Not happy in the slightest, but at least I’m passing. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) I do really well on this final paper to average out to a decent semester grade.

This semester is already intense. I’ve talked it over with friends and there is definitely more of a ‘being thrown to the wolves’ mentality this semester. But it’s to be expected, and to some extent I think we all knew that. I mean it’s our usual class-load (or module-load as they call it), but on top of that we have to prepare (and pre-preparation, stress over) to sit for our final exams all the while figuring out our dissertation topic and question. It’s a lot, and it feels overwhelming at times. But it’s also really fun. 

This semester I’ve got:

  • Conflict, Peace & Security
  • Education Policy & Practice for Development
  • Contemporary World Development

Last night we had our Ed&Dev bi-weekly meeting. We talked exclusively about dissertations because well, it’s dissertation time. And thus the mix of anxiety and excitement grew, and I accidentally broke one of my friend’s pen caps.





I’m excited, nervous, and a whole bundle of other things, but really, I’m grateful right now. Before grades start to be handed out and dissertation topics need to be officially submitted. Right now, I’m truly thankful. For what I’ve learned, the professors I’ve studied under, the amazing friends I’ve met, the places I’ve seen (and will go – Northern France to hang out with fam at the end of February, potentially Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, and beach in Spain for spring break, whaaaaaaat, haha).

I may not always feel like I belong here, or deserve to be here, but right now it’s okay. Right now I can be calm and just focus on the next 7 months.

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