9:30 – Saturday morning

I’ve been at the library almost 2 hours. It’s pouring out, but I’ve got my little post-grad cove to burrow in while I tackle school stuff.

It’s so awesome it hurts.




I’m really just procrastinating. I’ve only added about 100 words to a paper that’s due this coming week. 

I have about a hundred things to add and only 1000 more words left to write it in.

You spend all of undergrad learning how to say the same thing 500 different ways in the same paper and then you get to grad school and it’s the complete opposite. Way to prepare people US University system, way.to.go.

Okay, maybe I should do some actual work or something.

14 days til my aunt gets here. 15 days until Barcelona. 27 days til beach in Spain. Spring break needs to happen already.


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