Relaxation in the form of materialism

So, even though I spent the last few weeks traveling and generally enjoying myself, I did have deadlines and I do have an exam in a week and odd days. Therefore you can imagine how stressed I am (because really, when am I not stressed about something? It’s a problem). So, thanks to my oldest and dearest friend getting me a giftcard to ASOS, I was able to indulge in some much desired retail therapy.

Image 2 of ASOS Jumper with Lace Insert

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Tea Dress In Spot

Image 1 of River Island Friendship Bracelet Multipack

And just because I’ve wasted the last… almost 3 hours online window shopping here are pretty things I’ve been lusting after:

Whistles Mila Leather Jacket – as seen at ASOS

Image 1 of Whistles Mila Leather Jacket

Oasis Western Lock Color Block Tote Bag – also on ASOS

Image 3 of Oasis Western Lock Colour Block Tote Bag

Piece Giselle Turnlock Bag – yep, you guessed it: ASOS

Image 1 of Piece Giselle Turnlock Bag

Lazy Oaf Weirdo Tote Bag (ASOS for the final time)

Image 1 of Lazy Oaf Weirdo Tote Bag

And then… there was the Kate Spade hole I fell into..

1 – The Lincoln Square Garret in belflower/true navy






2 – Charlotte Street Fabric Theresa in sand/flo coral


3 – Charlotte Street Fabric Small Sloan in sand/flo coral



4 – Catherine Street Pippa in dark chino


5 – Tudor City Stacy (wallet) in lilac



And since I had the debacle about domestic carry-on size being about 2 inches bigger than international carry-on -of which I still don’t know why there’s a difference between the two- I started looking at carry-on luggage. And of course I spent a good half an hour at Tumi’s website because really, if you can afford high end luxury luggage, there is no reason NOT to get an entire effing collection of Tumi luggage -=cue whistful sigh here=-

1 – The Tegra-Lite in White


2 – The T-Tech Cargo in Terra


3 – The Tumi Vapor… I’d give a kidney for one of these in Copper, Chianti or Raspberry (pictured in reverse order below)



I think that’s a good end to this superficial post



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