A tale of 2 girls

As little girls, some best friends dream of living next door to each other and raising families together. Being maid-of-honors in each others’ weddings and godparents to offspring.

Not my best friend and I. We dreamed of winding up at the same school (different programs) for graduate school. We laughed about how it was eerily coincidental that after forging on 2 different paths, our dream jobs were in the same area of the country. We joked about how awesome it would be if we both wound up there.

The laughter has turned into squeals.

Both of us, within 2 months of each other, landed our dream jobs IN that city. We’re both moving, her from San Francisco, me from the UK, to live in the place we’ve been dreaming about for years upon years (it realistically might be close to a decade). SG (I just realized my 2 closest friends have names that starts with an S, so going forward SG and SB will represent their first name + girl/boy), is in the process of closing on her first house and driving across the country. She’s planning on moving in August 1. Whereas I’m moving with only 2 suitcases and 2 carry ons from the UK directly to the area. She, her boyfriend and their 2 pets will be moving into a house bigger than either of us has ever lived in. SB will be flying out to help me find a place at my request for a HUGE favor, and I am currently in search of a studio/1 bedroom that is both economical as well as close to the city I’ll be working in. We took completely different ways to get there, we don’t have the same kind of lives, and I couldn’t even afford a studio in the town she lives in, let alone a house next door to hers. Much like I don’t think she would have dropped everything: job, relationship… etc. to move to the UK. We are each completely different and that has not changed in the 20 years we’ve been friends (that makes me feel incredibly old that I can honestly say that without hyperbole). And yet we’ll both wind up there, on our own terms, in our own ways. 

It’s funny how live turns out sometimes. 

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